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Pineal gland activation list

The LIST of MAGIC I Am doing to ACTIVATE the Pineal Gland to FULLEST (I started 6 months ago and I noticed the major effect):

  • Water (warm or room temperature) with lemonin the mornings – cleansing of liver (intuition is based in the health of liver); I use Hydrogen Generator WATER BOTTLE – SPE and PEM Technology Water Ionizer (10% OFF);
  • Pure Dark Drinking Chocolate (Cacao) – 1 cup a day – cleansing and activating the Pineal gland; I like Cacao Laboratory – pure ceremonial grade cacao;
  • Cilantro and Turmeric – additional to food or drinks – cleansing the Pineal gland;
  • Mushrooms as food and as supplements – daily – activates Pineal gland; (I have Baby Bella for breakfast & RYZE mushroom coffee (10% OFF);
  • Spirulina + Chlorella (supplements) – daily – cleansing and activating the Pineal gland;
  • Zeolite drops2 times a day – deep cleansing for entire body and brain; I use Natural LIQUID ZEOLITE Heavy Metal BODY DETOX;
  • Rosita Ratfish liver oil11 drops a day – Viking’s secret of sharp mind and psychic abilities – activates Pineal gland to a highest level fast; (Also it nourishes jaws to help lost teeth regrow);
  • Atomic Ormus drops (supplements) – daily – ancient secret of sharp mind and activated Pineal gland; (I take all three of them);
  • Amethyst crystals to put on your crown chakra or on a third eye area during meditation – helps to activate the Pineal gland;
  • Tuning folk 528Hzminimum 2-3 minutes a day – keep close to your ears, or you can touch the area between eyebrows with the base of the folk – cleansing and activating the Pineal gland fast;
  • Chanting or Hummingminimum 5 minutes a day – the frequency of your own soul – activates all chakras;
  • Frankincense incense or essential oil minimum 3 times a week – it is a very high frequency  – activates the Pineal gland; Incense – anytime around the house, and Essential oil – one drop on the wrists or right on the area between the eyebrows;
  • Oak treesdaily is better – to be near, to touch, to hug, to talk to them – the highest frequency trees on Earth – connects you to Source – activates the Pineal gland;
  • Any shamanic meditation/musicminimum ones a month for at least one hour long – activates the Pineal gland and the heart chakra; I listen/meditate with the “Calm Whale” channel on YouTube);
  • Sungazing (Sunrise before 10am and Sunset) – daily is better – repairing brain cells/tissues and activates the Pineal gland fast.

With Love, SV

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